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Mike Potter

Posted: 07/04/2004 22:58:57

I'd also like to see this.  I'd also like to see a way to control what the

default FilterIndex is set to.  For my applications, I'd like *.RTF to be

the default Open and Save format, instead of *.RVF.  I can see how to do

this in the source code, but it would be better to have features like this

added officially so that our local changes don't get overwritten by new updates.

I don't see any way to control the FilterIndex in a "clean" way.

"Sebastian Keseling" <> wrote:

>Hello Sergey,


>is it possible that you move the private FLastFilterIndex from rvActionOpen

>into a property in the public section? I want to save/load the

>LastFilterIndex at startup/shutdown of my application.


>Best Regards

>Sebastian Keseling




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