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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/07/2004 14:40:23

By default (if you do not specify RVAControlPanel.DefaultControl), actions

work with the focused RichViewEdit. But if it loses focuse, Delphi still

tries to find acceptable control (TRichViewEdit) on this form, and use it if


So the only way to disable actions is manual (set

RVAControlPanel.ActionsEnabled = False when focus is moved from


PS: In the last update of RichViewActions (I am not sure that it's present

in the version on the web site), all Clipboard&selection-related

RichViewActions can work not only with TRichViewEdit, but also with TEdit

and TComboBox (and there is a way to add other controls in this list).

> I am currently using the richview action to do all text formatting


> I would like to let all buttons that have been assign to those action to


> disable when the mouse cursor is focusing other component like TEdit and


> on. How?



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