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Jim Maguire

Posted: 05/24/2005 0:45:28

The smarttags work wonderfully.  I have one suggestion:  I'm not using the

Style to identify the fields for the reasons you state in the examples, so I

use Tags and make the fields protected.  I'm adding something to the tag to

identify which fields have smarttags.  I can find out by searching my DB,

but that may slow it down too much.  I notice you provide "Extra Info" in

some areas, maybe ExtraInfo for the Items would be helpful.  I've only used

this a couple weeks, so you may already provide this somewhere.

Essestially what I'm doing is providing the form features of MS Word where

you can choose the field type, add combo list options, etcc.

Anyway, thanks for another great feature!

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message

> Look in the announce newsgroups for registered users.

> There is a demo showing using smarttags to change field code:


> (demo)

> (screenshot)


>> Fantastic, thanks!  I am a registered user.



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