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Alan McDonald

Posted: 01/10/2005 9:30:18

I just mean - what's the most reliable way to transport the fields.

I have then normally resident in a Firebird database. My users need to email

the contents of the richtext to their client. So I need to save-as the

content into a file then email them and read them back into another Firebord

database for further review. I just wondered what the most reliable means of

doing this is, considering I'm working in the native rvf format.

I could use kbmemtable and the binary I/O to extract and insert or I could

save as rtf output for the purpose of transport.


"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message

> What do you mean by "transportable"?


> > I store my fields in native RVF as binary. If I want to make the field

> > contents transportable, what method is recommended?

> > Is XML possible? or just keep things in binary in say a kbMemTable


> > field?

> > thanks

> > Alan

> >

> >



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