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Tobias Thörn

Posted: 12/02/2003 16:36:53

I have not yet desided what tool to use. I try this LLPDFLib tool right now

and I manage to get the data itself to the PDF document. (or just the


But I have problem when I want to print in the header and footer too and on

top of that I find no good way to update the header with the PageNo on the

diffrent pages.

I have studied both Header examples, ReportHelper examples and PDF examples

but none of them issues the whole task. Every example have strong

limitations so that one can not combine them together.

I don't understand this limitation you mention about scaling. Do you mean it

had been _easier_ if this SetWindowExtEx feature existed in LLPDFLib? Or do

you mean it had then been _possible_?

To clearify my task, I want to:

When I make a printing (with header including pagenumber) I simply want to

save it as a PDF as well. Alternatively it can be saved as RTF if that is


I tried RTF too but the RTF resized spaces and tables so that I can not use

it. It has to be exactly as the original else the pagenumbers will soon

differ between the original and saved RTF.

Is this RolePDF a better choise? Any examples on use of it?

Or maybe should I try to get an RTF to look exactly as the RVPrint?

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> skrev i meddelandet

> Theoretically it's possible. For example, my ReportBuilder wrapper uses

> RVReportHelper to draw the same image on screen, printer and other



> But PDF generation component must support scaling with SetWindowExtEx

> correctly . Version of LLPDFlib that I tested did not (because of this

> RichView ReportBuilder wrapper does not support llPDFLib's ReportBuilder


> device), but may be it was improved since that - the author was informed

> about this problem.


> Which tool do you use for PDF generation?



> > > What do you want to do? To create exact equal copies on paper and in

> PDF?

> >

> > Yes. That is what I want to do. When I print a document I allso want to

> make

> > a PDF of the document so that I later can get back and print an exakt


> > of the same document. It is required for quality assurance and later

> export

> > to another environment.

> >

> > I can't find a straitforward way to do this.

> > Demos\Delphi\Assorted\Printing\ReportHelper\ : Just print to the


> > and assumes

> you

> > have an rtf file.



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