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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/04/2005 0:19:07

My near plan:

- to make some "checkpoint" - a non-beta version which will be uploaded on

the site as trial, and which can be used in releases of applications

- then, I have a list of suggestions from one customer how to increase

efficiency of formatting procedure; I'll study them and, the most probably,

include many of them in the component

- then, I want to implement support for DevExpress QG

Templates will be implemented in background at the same time as two last


Already done:

- data structures and design time support

- procedure for application of templates to the selection (requires some

testing yet)

To do:

- updating styles when templates are changed

- storing templates in RVF and separately

- merging templates when inserting RVF document

- merging templates when inserting RTF document

> Hi Sergey..


> Before implementing the richview stuff the wrong way I wanted to ask when

> you plan to have templates working so that we could start using 'em as it

> sounds they're exactly what we're looking for..


> thanks,

> Alex



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