Re: Text & Paragraph Locking

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Yernar Shambayev

Posted: 03/05/2005 15:27:53

Anyway the user can erase the whole document (AFAIR).

"Mamouri" <> wrote:


>As I know with including rvprDeleteProtect and rvprModifyProtect into Protection

>set of every style is it possible to prevent user from deleting or modifying

>texts. For example in RichViewEdit you can do following:

>  RVStyle1.TextStyles[1].Protection := [rvprModifyProtect, rvprDeleteProtect];

>  RichViewEdit1.ApplyTextStyle(1);




>"Fred B" <> wrote:


>>Is it possible to lock selected blocks of text and/or paragraphs to prevent

>>them from being modified by the users?


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