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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/13/2004 19:35:19

1) Simple way:

    Set rv.RTFReadProperties.IgnorePictures = True

    If images will be ignored, reading will be much faster.

2) More complex way: it's not documented, but RTF reader (TRVRTFReader,

RVRTF.pas) can be used without TRichView.

It's a component (inherited from TComponent), but it is not registered on

the Delphi Component Palette.

You can create it at run time, set its properties, assign OnNewText event,

and call ReadFromStream or ReadFromFile.


> Hello,


> I want to use TRichView as a text extractor from rtf loaded into


> It is the most important thing to get the text and the quality of showing

> a document can be ignored.


> Please tell me which setting I should set to improve the performance and

> cutting down the convertion time.

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