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Posted: 10/13/2004 19:16:16

Thanks a lot...

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>1) Simple way:

>    Set rv.RTFReadProperties.IgnorePictures = True

>    If images will be ignored, reading will be much faster.


>2) More complex way: it's not documented, but RTF reader (TRVRTFReader,

>RVRTF.pas) can be used without TRichView.

>It's a component (inherited from TComponent), but it is not registered on

>the Delphi Component Palette.

>You can create it at run time, set its properties, assign OnNewText event,

>and call ReadFromStream or ReadFromFile.





>> Hello,


>> I want to use TRichView as a text extractor from rtf loaded into


>> It is the most important thing to get the text and the quality of showing

>> a document can be ignored.


>> Please tell me which setting I should set to improve the performance and

>> cutting down the convertion time.



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