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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 12/10/2002 21:34:55


Look at the multidemo example (Demos\Delphi\MultiDemo\), sub-demo # 5 (Chat


It has

procedure AddWithURLs(s: String; rv: TRichView; DefStyle, UrlStyle:


It is very close to what you need (you need different character formatting

between /B, and this function make different formatting for URLs)

It adds a normal text using DefStyle (index in the collection

RVStyle.TextStyles), text of URLs - using UrlStyle.

Some modifications are needed, if you cannot precreate all required styles

before loading your file (because of large number of possible combinations

of font styles and colors). If you need, I can explain more detaily.

> hi,


> i hope you can help me with the following question


> question:

> I'm reading a textfile in and it has the following characters in


> if something is between

> /Bthis must be bold/B


> (between 2x /B)

> How can I read this textfile in my richtedit so that he will place the


> between 2X /B in bold in my tricheditview


> kind regards

> dominick



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