Re: Text in StatusBar1 not translated

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Anderson Wilson

Posted: 06/01/2005 21:31:40

I just find out that.

One more question.

I started a new project and did a "save as" of Unit3 and dmAction of

ActionTest.dpr, compile and run it. Everything was ok.

After a while Delphi7 started acting strange, like events that disappear

and other stuff.

One thing that I notice is that your original Unit3.dfm file is saved in

a different format (specials chars on it) and mine DFM files are saved

as a readable text file.

Do you know the reason ?


Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

> Oops, this text was accidentally assigned to StatusBar1.Hint.

> Just clear this property



>>I forgot to say that I'm using rvactions 1.47 and richview 1.9.11 and my

>>  OS is WinXP




>>Anderson Wilson wrote:


>>>I noticed that when the mouse is OVER the StatusBar1 in your example

>>>ActionTest.dpr the StatusBar shows the following message

>>>"Centers the selected text"

>>>what ever Language is assigned to RVAControlPanel1.






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