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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 03/23/2004 22:17:30

I cannot reproduce this problem.

For example, look at the example in Demos\DB Demo\1 DBRichViewEdit

It has OnCurTextStyleChanged updating button state:

procedure TForm1.DBRichViewEdit1CurTextStyleChanged(Sender: TObject);


  SpeedButton1.Down := DBRichViewEdit1.CurTextStyleNo<>0;


When I browse the database, this button is updated correctly when loading

each new record.

> I have save a text into database with different font type. When I load it

> back again, the font combo box doesn't change accordding to the font type.

> For example, I have the following text


> Test Test Arial


> when I load this text back to the editor from database, the cursor will be

> on the beginning of the editor which is on the front of first test. The

> first test is verdana type, but the combo box doesn't change accorddingly.


> have assignned the curtextStyleChanged.




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