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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/13/2004 22:42:04


Weights are defined in RVMapWht.pas

The larger weight - the more important property.

You can play with weights and see the result.

Does you Symbol style has Charset=SYMBOL_CHARSET?

In current weights, Charset is more important than FontName.


> Hello,

> is it possible to change default behaviour of this property?

> i have some text styles (standard, bold, italic) with default font Arial

> and text style with font symbol. (addings styles dynamically is not


> At the moment, when pasting some text (with TextStyleMode=rvrsUseClosest),

> text with symbol characters will map to standard text style (arial). Is it

> possible to adapt this method in the way that, when looking for nearest


> the font has the highest priority?


> Thank you


> Michael Exel

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