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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/18/2002 20:06:41

> I have two problems :

> First I want if I have a long text, containing many text styles, and


> the whole text, to apply Bold to the text. So, I cannot use

> ApplyTextStyle, because it will discard all the previous changes, i.e. if

There is a special method for this: ApplyStyleConversion.

Example is here:

It requires some component that can be found in RichView installation,



> And secondly, my program throws an exception ( i.e. crashes), when I make


> large table ( for example 2*600) and try to save it to stream. I use the

> following to save it to stream

I think that either your computer has low memory or problem is somewhere in

another place.

I just tried to create and save table 2*6000, and it works.

Can you send me a small project reproducing this problem?

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