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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/23/2005 21:14:04

ApplyParaStyle is an editing method and should be avoided when generating


You can change the paragraph style for the item directly:

RVD.GetItem(i).ParaNo := StyleNum.

But be very careful - all items in the same paragraph must have the same

value of ParaNo.

> If I'm processing the first paragraph in a table cell, then what I need

> to do is to set the paragraph style. If it's a subsequent paragraph, I

> need to use AddNLWTag. So I have code like this:


> if RVD.ItemCount > 0 then

>                         RVD.AddNLWTag('', 0, StyleNum, 0)

>                      else

>                         RVE.ApplyParaStyle(StyleNum);

>                      RVE.CurParaStyleNo := StyleNum;

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