Re: The ItemCount's miracle ;-)

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/21/2003 16:53:45

For TRichViewEdit, formatting procedure adds one empty text item.

This procedure is executed when the editor is focused, or when you call any

"editing-style" method.


> Hello Sergey:


> I have a simple form with a TRichViewEdit and a SpeedButton, the


> have the instruction ShowMessage(IntToStr(RVE.ItemCount));. In the OnShow

> event of this form I clear the RVE (RVE.Clear) , and display the value for

> the RVE.ItemCount, I can see that this is 0. After that, i click on the


> and I see that at this moment the value is 1 !!


> you can say to me that it has happened?

> I can suppose that the value always will be 1?


> Thanks


> Fernando Alonso

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