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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 11/02/2002 0:48:49

> First, how can I set an image to be a hyperlink and how can I make it be

> centered, left or right-aligned?

Use "hot picture" item type (AddHotPicture, InsertHotPicture).

Since version 1.6.32, there are methods converting pictures to "hot

pictures" and vice versa (ConvertToHotPicture, ConvertToPicture).


> Second, can I somehow set the margins of the document ? Left, right, and


> on?

RichView.LeftMargin, etc.

RVPrint.LeftMarginMM, etc.

See the explanation (with picture) in the help file, topic on TRVPrint


> Finally, can I determine the type of the picture which is being pasted


> clipboard ( .jpg, .bmp and so on) ?

If the Clipboard has a bitmap, this bitmap is pasted.

Otherwise, if it has a metafile, this metafile is pasted.

If you want to paste images in format other than RVF, RTF, text, unicode

text, bitmap, metafile, use OnPaste event.


> --Slavi



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