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A Drennan

Posted: 03/10/2002 2:06:44

Thanks.  So a simple TRichView.SaveToStream and then a

TMemo.LoadFromStream will work?  I wasn't aware it would be so simple.

In article <3c8a50ca$>, says...

> It should be fast enough, if you load document to RichView and save as text

> to stream.

> You need not to format RichView, so the most time-consuming operation is not

> involved.


> Also, you can create your own parser for RVF. See the help topic on "RVF

> Specification". Of course, a custom parser may be faster, because it can

> skip pictures and it need not to load all text in memory.

> It's quite easy to do, if documents do not contain tables.



> > I must say I absolutely love TRichView, one of my favorite components

> > and I own them all.  We use TRichView in millions of users of our

> > products including our instant messaging application, e/pop and our

> > voice product TeamSound.

> >

> > I also appreciate the various custom changes you have done to the

> > product to meet our customer needs.

> >

> > My question:  What is the most efficient way to move the text contents

> > from the RVF of the TRichView into a memo field?  I want to do this for

> > a database application, and need the basic idea of the most efficient

> > method for doing this with TRichView.

> >

> > BTW:  Would love to see live spell checking!!






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