Re: Tolecontainer Resize Problem !!!

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/12/2005 20:19:18

1) In the code for the OleContainer insertion, add the line

    RichViewEdit1.SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty(rvepResizable, 1, True);

after calling  RichViewEdit1.InsertControl.

It will make it resizable (resize handles will appear when it is selected)

2) Assign OnMouseUp event for the inserted OleContainers (just like it's

already done for other its events).

The code in this event must be


This code will select OleContainer when clicking it.

3) Reassign this event in RichViewEdit1.OnControlAction (just like it's

already done for other events)

This code will reassign this event when the control is copy/pasted or loaded

from file.

4) Play with values of OleContainer.SizeMode


> After copying an equation from Mathtype equation editor,

> and when I select menu item "paste as ole" from

> RV editor1 demo, The equation is pasted into RVedit

> but This equation object in RVedit is not sizeable with mouse

> although a button control already placed before is sizeable.

> How can i make an oleobject is sizeable with mouse (which means rounding

> a rect has 6 points for sizing with mouse)


> Thanks.



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