Re: TRichView - Interbase/FireBird with the component IboObjects. 

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/20/2003 10:02:38

Probabably, it is not compatible with standard Delphi database classes?

I looked at IB Objects home page (it is , isn't


I believe, if you want to use DB-aware component created by standard Delphi

sheme (including TDBRichViewEdit), you need:

- create TIBOTable

- create TDataSource (standard component), assign IBOTable to


- create TDBRichViewEdit and assign TDBRichViewEdit.DataSource to DataSource

As I can see, besides described above TDataSet-compatible scheme, IBObjects

offer their own alternative scheme (because of this, they provide

alternatives to all standard DB-aware controls). No, TRichView does not

support this scheme.

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