Re: TRichView and Fastreport

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 11/26/2002 18:31:30

There is a version of RichView wrapper for FR, but it is very buggy and

cannot be used in real applications.

And there is no hope for improvements until FR will not change its

programming interface for extensions.

Well, it's possible to create RV wrapper for FR which will display itself on

one page...


> Hello!


> I've red that there is a wrapper for Fastreport available but with some


> Please can you tell me which features are not supported by the


> Is there a sample-app for trying?


> regards


> Erich


> P.S. We are currently testing TRichview-Trailversion for Delphi 5 Pro with

> Fastreport 2.47

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