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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/15/2003 19:01:13

> HI there,


> I'm looking at using TRichView to implement a specialist editor, and I

> have a couple of questions:


> 1. If I'm reading and writing HTML, which specifications are supported?

> (I'd prefer to use XHTML 1.1, which enables me to treat the document as

> XML as well as XHTML.)

XHTML is not supported (this is not HTML), it is in plans.

TRichView directly supports only export.

SaveHTML uses HTML 3 standard (no CSS)

SaveHTMLEx uses HTML 4 standard (with CSS)

HTML import can be done using TRVHTMLImporter, supporting a subset of HTML 3

standard. It does not support CSS import.

HTML operations are considered as import and export operations.


> 2. How does the CSS and JavaScript support work when an end-user is

> editing? For example, can I create custom classes, like this:


> <a class="MySpecialLink" onclick="ShowMyAnnotation(35)">Annotated text</a>


> I wouldn't be too worried about the JavaScript "working" in the RichView

> environment, but it would be useful to have the CSS class work.

JavaScript is not supported


> 3. Can elements by hidden inside the document, by using (eg)

> style="display: none" or something like that.



> 4. What happens when exporting documents containing hyperlinks to RTF --

> what are they converted to? I need to give users RTF export support.

They are exported as RTF hyperlinks (understandable by MS Word and other RTF


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