Re: TRichView for Delphi 7

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/01/2002 21:22:37

The last version is 1.6.48.

You can find Its download location in the registration e-mail (where it's

called a beta)

If you cannot find it, send me e-mail with details of your order (at least

with e-mail address which you used when ordering), and I send this

information to you.


Sergey Tkachenko

> I have the last version and I have problems with the Delphi7. It returns


> error from conversion of Interger for LongBool.


> Aleksey


> "Jason Trahan" <> escreveu na mensagem

> news:3d6ebff6$


> Any Word on when TRichView is gonna be ready for Delphi 7?



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