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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 01/01/2004 17:52:17


Background color of the whole window can be changed by assigning rv.Color.

Besides the window color, there are also:

- paragraph background color (RVStyle.ParaStyles[].Background.Color)

- text background color (RVStyle.TextStyles[].BackColor)

- text color (RVStyle.TextStyles[].Color)

There are different ways to do it.

As I understand, you want to implement it as an editing operation.

In this case, you need to use technique shown in Demos\Delphi\Editors\Editor


call ApplyStyleConversion/ApplyParaStyleConversion and implement code for

changing background in OnStyleConversion/OnParaStyleConversion.

As for mouse events: see the help file, OnRVMouseDown event. It shows how to

get the clicked item.

> allo,


> i am a new user of tRichview-1.81 and need help as to how i can change the

> background color of the trichviewEdit and that of the Text Fonts and Style

> at run time.


> The idea is to have the user to right-click the mouse within the rvEdit

> focus area and a color dialog box to appear for selection to change those

> attributes one at a time.


> that advise will kickstart my first editor with tRichView.


> nb: i had looked through the example Editor in the demos folder but found


> such user and mouse related events code.


> thanks.


> ciao

> daniel



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