TRichView vs WPTools

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Chia Chen Yap

Posted: 12/11/2003 5:06:06


Can someone provide me with your opinion about the comparison of TRichView

and WPTools.

I don't whether this is a good question to be asked in this newsgroup, but

if someone who have read my message and yet have the experience on these 2

components, I need your professional opinion.

My comparison has been made in the following areas:


2. Database connectivity - where I can the entire content into database

separately e.g text content will be saved to text table and image will be

saved to another table etc. when the the document is being retrieve from the

database, it can be easily display on the screen the correct formatting like

which words is bold, the alignment of the paragraph, location of the image

and table etc...

3. Spell Checking - live spell checking e.g if I have typed a wrong word a

zig-zag line will be shown under the word to indicate wrong spelling.

4. HTML export and import

Thanx a lot!

best regards,

Chen Yap

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