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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 06/11/2003 23:25:45

Some pros for TRichView

- better support of tables (as far as I know, WPTools does not support:

nested tables;  multiple paragraphs in table cells (try to make one line

centered and one line left-aligned in WPTools' table cells, or try to create

a bulleted list in table cell); vertical cell merging; vertical cell

alignment; background pictures. All the listed features are supported by


- Unicode support;

- Delphi components in documents;

- I am not sure here, but it looks like bullets/numbering is more flexible

in TRichView (can WPTools create a numbering like:

1. ****

  1.a. ****

2. ****

  2.a. ****

  2.b. ****


- more visually attractive components for creating user interface

(RichViewActions -

Some pros for WPTools

- WYSIWYG editing (you can see page size in editor; in TRichView, page size

can be seen only in read-only TRVPrint)

- tabs (RichView does not support tab positions yet)

Some things that I recommend to look at:

- quality of RTF and HTML import and export (I am quite proud of TRichView

in this field)

- convenience of programming interface

> Hi to all!


> I am currently examining different text edit controls and find TRichView


> WPTools to be the best. However they look very similarly to me as

> functionality and I am wondering what is the difference between them?


> Has anyone tried both or know the difference?


> Yours sincerely,

> Petko

> Milenix Software Ltd.




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