Re: TRichView vs WPTools

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 06/13/2003 23:52:06

> It seems that TRichView has no OLE support. Am I right?

Inserting OLE objects in documents? You can insert any Delphi component,

including TOLEContainer with OLE object.

As an example, see the demo in Demos\Delphi\Editors\Editor 1\, menu Edit |

Paste As | OLE.

(compiled version of this demo:\rvfiles\


> I have one question: TRichView native file format is rvf. However maybe I

> have to have backward compatibilty with rtf and save and load my files to

> and from rtf files. How fast is TRichView in opening and saving rtf files

> compared to the standard Windows Rich Edit contols?

I think standard richedit opens RTF files a bit faster. But TRichView

understands more RTF keywords than richedit.

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