Re: TRichView vs WPTools

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 06/14/2003 19:55:51

Yes, OLE objects are not saved in RTF.

I'll try to implement this feature in the next couple of days, it should not

be very complicated.

As for actions on clicking on images - you can provide them yourself using

TRichView events.

> I wish this too, I also need ole-objects in rtf-import/-export,

> although only for ole objects from math formula editor.

> I only need the import/export; I view the content in richview

> as metafile and want additionally to the metafile save the oleobj-stream


> rvf,

> so nothing is lost. And maybe additionally:

> When I click on the picture-item (metafile), then a oleContainer is

> created (could be even invisible) which again starts the oleServer


> editor).


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