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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 03/23/2002 18:43:53

Here is an example of implementing fields:

Fields in RichViewEdit are updated when Edits changed and vice versa.

It has the following functions:

procedure SetFieldValue(rv: TCustomRichViewEdit; const field, value:


function GetFieldValue(rv: TCustomRichView; const field: String): String;

procedure TForm1.InsertField(const field, value: String);

(these functions can be implemented more efficiently if you'll set or get

values for multiple fields at once)

> Sergey,


> Thanks. A special text items would probably do.


> I have a client who requiries an online registration site and would like

> to generate a HTML based report which would generate a summary report


> contains hyperlink to a more detailed page containing the client info.


> Currently, we have the system generate the html and all that but our


> wants to be able to redesign the outlook of the html page but do not quite

> want to touch the html codes.


> I was thinking of using Richedit to allow them to use it as a report


> to create a html template and also to populate it with details from a


> Probably on the template, there has to be special fields and once they are

> found, it would pluck the field from the table.





> "Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

> >Can you give me more details?

> >For example, will it be enough to create some special text items (fields)

> >that will be replaced with actual text values before saving HTML?


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