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Posted: 02/23/2002 18:57:19

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>And what is such thing intended for?

>I never seen MS Publisher.


This ability would allow very easily for WYSIWYG to be implemented. Imagine

a canvas representing A4 page. Multiple Richview/edit controls can then be

placed precisely, each containing text/pictures, eg. one for headline, header,

footer, and several for text or pictures, or possibly just one big one on

each page. Being able to link one Richview/edit to another on the next page

would then allow for text to flow from one to the other over subsequent pages.

Eg. Deleting a paragraph in the first RichEdit (in a list of them linked

one to the next) pulls text up from the others. (This is basic approach of

most DTP packages) Do you get the idea, or is it still unclear ?

The advantages should be obvious:

1. WYSIWYG with Zoom view is easy to implement,

2. FLow of text around pictures, or even pictures in front/behind text becomes

implicitly possible, because text can be placed in textbox adjacent to a


This one ability would enable me to implement all the rest in my application.

BTW, what would the memory implications be of having several TRichedits declared

? (Assuming no embedded pictures or controls)

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