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Chia Chen Yap

Posted: 12/19/2003 12:40:02


From my previous posted message, I have received a reply as below:

For me, the key thing is Unicode support. Anyone developing a text-based

application who is ignoring Unicode at this point won't have much of a


The HTML output from TRichView is one of my least-favourite features; it

produces code that doesn't validate on the W3C validator, and doesn't

even specify what DTD it's supposed to conform to. I'll be really happy

when we can get proper XHTML output that validates. An application I use

regularly, FastHelp, is based around TRichView, and its HTML output is


He has mentioned something about the TRichView HTML output. I just want

further varification what has been posted by Martin. How serious is this

problem? If I were to use the HTML output from TRichView to embed into other

web page, will it be affected?

best regards,

Chen Yap

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