Re: Wrong character-Sorting with arabic text

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 01/30/2003 13:29:00

Bidirected text is unsupported is BiDiMode is rvbdUnspecified.

When bidimode is LeftToRight or RightToLeft, bidirected text inside one item

must be displayed absolutely correctly. Items inside one paragraph will be

arranged rtl or ltr depending on bidimode (this is imperfection, I plan to

implement arrangement of items according to text bidi properties in next

version). But selection must work correctly.

BiDiMode can be set not only for all document, but for specified paragraphs

and items (if it is Unspecified, it is inherited from the top level).

Please send me an example of document to demonstrate the problem.


Sergey Tkachenko

> BiDiMode is set to rvbdUnspecified.

> If I set it to LeftToRight or RightToLeft, the behaviour when selecting a

> text

> is bad, when I load a mixed-File (Text mixed with many codepages).

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