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Mark DeMichele

Posted: 05/08/2002 23:11:18

I download this, but recieved other error messages.

[Error] RVXMLMisc.pas(48): Incompatible types: 'TImageList' and


[Error] RVXMLMisc.pas(72): Types of actual and formal var parameters must be


[Fatal Error] RVXMLRoutines.pas(6): Could not compile used unit


Any clue?  I'm using Delphi 6

Mark DeMichele

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message

> RichViewXML for the latest beta version:



> > When I download the latest version of  TRichView XML from your site, it

> > doesn't compile with the latest version of TRichView.

> >

> > Apparently, there's been a change with TCustomRVData.InsertFirstRVFItem.

> > The string passed in is a const and the XML stuff is trying to pass in a

> var

> > parameter.

> >

> >



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