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hmtoggle_arrow1 Changes in version 6 (between TRichView 15 and 16)

Compatibility issues:

TrvActionItemProperties and TrvActionTableProperties update linked TrvActionInsertTable and TrvActionInsertHLine actions when the user checks "Default" checkbox. Previously, they were always updated when assigned explicitly.

Installation and directory structure

Starting from this update, RichViewActions are installed automatically in Delphi and C++Builder IDE together with TRichView.

The new installer installs the components in Delphi and C++Builder, both for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms (if available). The installer adds all necessary paths to RAD Studio library.

Source code is moved to "Source" folder, inc-files are moved to "Source\Include" folder, demo projects are moved to "Demos" folder.

Help file is integrated in RAD Studio IDE (for XE8+)

New actions

distribute TrvActionAlignDistribute aligns the selected paragraph to the both left and right sides by adding space between all characters.

pagecount TrvActionInsertPageCount inserts a page count field.

Changes related to paragraph alignments

TrvActionAlignJustify (as well as TrvActionAlignDistribute) has new properties: LastLineAlignment and UseLastLineAlignment.

TrvActionParagraph has a new property: LastLineAlignment.

New properties:

TRVAControlPanel.MetafileCompatibility affects printing of TSRichViewEdit components;
TrvActionSave.DisableWhenUnmodified allows to disable the action for unmodified documents.

TrvActionRemovePageBreak removes a page break from the current paragraph (not the current item as before).

TrvActionItemProperties and TrvActionTableProperties update linked TrvActionInsertTable and TrvActionInsertHLine actions when the user checks "Default" checkbox.

hmtoggle_arrow1 Changes in version 5 (between TRichView 14 and 15)

Compatibility issues:

TrvActionFontEx.Font.Size is no longer used. Existing code must be changed to use TrvActionFontEx.FontSizeDouble instead.
'Francais' cannot be used as a lanuage name; use 'French' or 'Français'.

New actions

textbox TrvActionInsertTextBox inserts a floating box

footnote TrvActionInsertFootnote inserts a footnote

endnote TrvActionInsertEndnote inserts  an endnote

sidenote TrvActionInsertSidenote inserts a note in a floating box

note-edit TrvActionEditNote displays a window for editing a note or a floating box

insertnumber TrvActionInsertNumber inserts a "numbered sequence" item

objectcaption TrvActionInsertCaption inserts a caption for an image or a table

pagenumber TrvActionInsertPageNumber inserts a "page number" field


TrvActionExport can export DocX files (without office converters). Make sure that ffeDocX is included in Filter.

Changes made by TrvActionColor, TrvActionBackground can be undone.

New property: TrvActionFontEx.FontSizeDouble.

TRVFontSizeComboBox supports fractional font sizes.

Changes in TrvActionItemProperties:

properties for sidenotes and text boxes
properties for "numbered sequence" items
properties for "page number" item
redesigned picture properties pages
redesigned table properties pages
changes can be applied to ActionInsertTable and ActionInsertHLine (in addition to the current item)

Changes in TrvActionNew:

Reset is made public.
new item is included in StyleTemplates: 'caption'.

New TrvActionInsertPicture properties to assign to inserted pictures: BackgroundColor, BorderWidth, BorderColor, OuterHSpacing, OuterVSpacing.

New TrvActionInsertTable properties to assign to inserted tables: CellHPadding and CellVPadding (they replace CellPadding), VisibleBorders, BackgroundStyle, BackgroundPicture.

TRVAControlPanel.DialogFontName's default value is changed to 'Tahoma'.

New RemoveEllipsisFromRibbon procedure replaces RemoveEllipsis.

Languages have two names specified: a name in English and a native name.

hmtoggle_arrow1 Changes added between TRichView v13 and v14

Compatibility issues:

TRVAControlPanel.TableGridStyle property is removed.

Redesigned control panel

TRVAControlPanel is redesigned. It does not assign global variables any more. You can have more than one control panel in a single application. New properties of TRVAControlPanel: Header, Footer.

New actions


styles TrvActionStyleTemplates

style-new TrvActionAddStyleTemplate

style-clear TrvActionClearFormat

style-text-clear TrvActionClearTextFormat

style-inspector TrvActionStyleInspector

Cell rotation:

cellr0 TrvActionTableCellRotationNone

cellr90 TrvActionTableCellRotation90

cellr180 TrvActionTableCellRotation180

cellr270 TrvActionTableCellRotation270

Table operations:

tablesplit TrvActionTableSplit

sort TrvActionTableSort

tabletotext TrvActionTableToText

New and improved components

New components for applying style templates:

rvstyletemplatecombobox TRVStyleTemplateComboBox

rvstyletemplatelistbox TRVStyleTemplateListBox

Improved components (can be linked to an editor, do not require additional code any more):

rvfontcombobox TRVFontComboBox

rvfontsizecombobox TRVFontSizeComboBox

rvfontcharsetcombobox TRVFontCharsetComboBox

srv_icon ScaleRichView support

You can assign not only TRichViewEdit, but also TSRichViewEdit to TRVAControlPanel.DefaultControl, or Control properties of actions.

Simplification: since this version, when using ScaleRichView, you do not need to assign RVA_GetRichViewEditFromPopupComponent and RVA_GetRichViewEdit variables, you do not need to call SRichViewEdit.SetRVMargins in TRVAControlPanel.OnMarginsChanged.

Visual changes

Delphi XE2+'s visual styles are supported in components and dialogs. The function RVA_ChooseStyle allows choosing and applying one of available styles.

Inverted (a light text on a dark background) color schemes are supported.

Text files

The file actions allow choosing a code page for text files (including UTF-8). This feature can be disabled by assigning TRVAControlPanel.UseTextCodePageDialog=False.

New features, properties and events

A new event TRVAControlPanel.OnGetActionControlCoords allows to specify coordinates for color-picker windows when actions are linked to non-visual components (for example, when using ExpressBars by Developer Express).

TrvActionNew resets styles according to StyleTemplates, if style templates are used. TrvActionOpen can use a linked TrvActionNew to reset document before loading.


allows pasting URLs;
respects RichViewEdit.AcceptPasteFormats property;
if style templates are used, displays style modes for pasting RTF and RVF.

TrvActionFontEx can change a text background color (new BackColor property).

TrvActionInsertHyperlink can apply HoverUnderlineColor and HoverEffects properties (if style templates are not used). If style templates are used, it applies the chosen StyleTemplateName.

TrvActionTableGrid shows/hides grid only in the target editor.

In the print preview form (TrvActionPrintPreview), a mouse wheel changes pages,  Ctrl +mouse wheel zooms in/out

New optional parameters in NormalizeRichView.


New localization functions: RVA_GetProgressMessage, RVA_GetPrintingMessage.

New languages:

Portuguese (European)
Hindi (in Delphi 4-2007, it is available only if TNT Controls are used);

hmtoggle_arrow1 Changes added between TRichView v12 and v13

New units of measurement

All dialogs display values measured according to new TRVAControlPanel.UnitsDisplay and TRVAControlPanel.PixelBorders properties.

Properties of several actions are measured in TRVAControlPanel.UnitsProgram.

New images

A new set of toolbar images is available, created specially for RichViewActions. This set of images is used in this manual.

New component images are used in the Delphi/C++Builder's Component Palette for the components included in RichViewActions.

New properties of TRVAControlPanel

TRVAControlPanel.DefaultDocParameters define a page layout for new documents (especially useful for ScaleRichView)

New TRVAControlPanel.DialogFontSize property.

Changes in menus

New TRVAPopupActionBar component (for Delphi 2006 or newer).

The type of ActionList property for menus was changed from TActionList to TCustomActionList, to allow using TActionManager.

Changes in actions

New action: hide TrvActionHide. TrvActionShowSpecialCharacters shows/hides a hidden text as well as special characters.

New properties:

TrvActionInsertHLine.Style defines the style for inserted horizontal lines
TrvActionBackground.CanChangeMargins allows/disallows changing margins
TrvActionParaBullets's and TrvActionParaNumbering's IndentStep defines default indents for list levels.

TrvActionParaList.IndentStep now affects indents of list style templates in non-HTML dialog too.

Other changes

New RVARibbonUtils unit.

Ability to use CleverComponents for downloading images.

hmtoggle_arrow1 Changes added between TRichView v11 and v12

New actions:

pasteastext TrvActionPasteAsText

valign TrvActionVAlign

clearleft TrvActionClearLeft

clearright TrvActionClearRight

clearall TrvActionClearBoth

clearnone TrvActionClearNone

hyperlinkrem TrvActionRemoveHyperlinks

New methods, properties and events

TrvActionParagraph.OutlineLevel property (paragraph dialog has a new combobox for specifying a paragraph outline level)

New features:

New types of vertical alignment for pictures in TrvActionItemProperties.
Properties dialog for breaks (TrvActionItemProperties) has a new combobox for specifying a break style (line/rectangle/3d/dotted/dashed).
Pasting HTML from the Clipboard using rvHtmlViewImporter.
New datamodules with alternative toolbar images (GlyFX and Fugue Icons)

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