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Occurs when the user releases the right mouse button over the RichView component.


  TRVRightClickEvent = procedure(Sender: TCustomRichView

    ClickedWord: TRVRawByteString; Style, X, Y: Integer) of object;


property OnRVRightClick:TRVRightClickEvent;

This event is almost obsolete. There are more convenient events:



OnRVRightClick event occurs if user releases right mouse button over some item of RichView.

If Style<0 then this item is not a text item, and Style is a type of this item (such as rvsPicture, rvsBreak, rvsHotspot or rvsBullet). In this case ClickedWord contains name of this item (see Item types), ANSI string.

If Style>=0, this is a text item, and Style is an index in the collection of text styles (RichView.Style.TextStyles). In this case ClickedWord is a word which user has clicked. "Word" is defined as a part of string between delimiters. Delimiters are listed in Delimiters property. For Unicode text items, ClickedWord contains "raw Unicode". For non-Unicode text items, ClickedWord contains ANSI string.

X,Y are screen coordinates of mouse pointer (more convenient for displaying popup menu than client coordinates)

This event has the following limitations (which do not exist in OnRVMouseDown, OnRVMouseUp):

you can not get further information about the clicked item (you do not know index of this item);

this event is not generated when user clicks not on item (on background).

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