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Occurs when RichView wants to save inserted control in text, RTF, HTML, or DocX file (or stream).


  TRVSaveComponentToFileEvent = procedure(

    Sender: TCustomRichView; Path: String;

    SaveMe: TPersistent; SaveFormat: TRVSaveFormat;

    var OutStr:Stringof object;


property OnSaveComponentToFile: TRVSaveComponentToFileEvent;

By default, inserted controls are not saved in HTML, RTF, DocX and text files. But you can use this event to save them.

Input parameters:

SaveMe – component to save.

SaveFormat identifies file format, one of rvsfText, rvsfHTML, rvsfRTF, rvsfDocX.

Path – path where the file is saved. May be used, for example, for saving images (see SavePicture method).

Output parameter:

OutStr – text to insert in the output file.

For Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer: OutStr is a Unicode string. For the older versions of Delphi/C++Builder OutStr is an ANSI string.

For DocX, OutStr is inserted inside a "run", i.e. between <w:r> and </w:r>.



procedure TMyForm.MyRichViewSaveComponentToFile(

  Sender: TCustomRichView; Path: String;

  SaveMe: TPersistent; SaveFormat: TRVSaveFormat;

  var OutStr: String);

var bmp: TBitmap;

  ImageFileName: String;


 case SaveFormat of



       if SaveMe is TButton then

         OutStr := '['+TButton(SaveMe).Caption+']';

       else if SaveMe is TImage then

         OutStr := '<Image of '+TImage(SaveMe).Hint+'>';




       if SaveMe is TButton then

         OutStr := '<FORM><INPUT type="button"' +

                   'value="' + TButton(SaveMe).Caption +

                   '" onClick="alert(''Test'')"></FORM>';

       else if SaveMe is TImage then begin

         bmp         := TBitmap.Create;

         bmp.Height  := TImage(SaveMe).Height;

         bmp.Width   := TImage(SaveMe).Width;

         bmp.Canvas.Draw(0,0, TImage(SaveMe).Picture.Bitmap);

         ImageFileName := MyRichView.SavePicture(SaveFormat,Path,bmp);

         OutStr      := '<IMG src="'+ImageFileName+'" alt='+







        OutStr := '\plain\b ('+SaveMe.ClassName+')';




This code saves

TButton controls in text file as "[Button.Caption]" string;

TButton controls in HTML file as form with button;

TImage controls in text file as "<Image of Image.Hint>" string;

TImage controls in HTML file as image (using SavePicture) with alternative text "Image.Hint";

All controls in RTF as "(Class of control)".


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