New after version 16

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Compatibility issues

New parameter in TRVPageCountItemInfo.CreateEx

Improvements in line breaking algorithm (in some cases, lines may wrap differently)


New feature: colors of groups or rows and columns (alternate colors). New properties:

HeadingRowColor, LastRowColor, FirstColumnColor, LastColumnColor, EvenColumnsColor, OddRowsColor, OddColumnsColor, EvenRowsColor;

RowBandSize, ColBandSize.

A new optional parameter (EditCellAfter) is added in DeleteRows and DeleteCols methods.

New property: CellOverrideColor.


New DocObjects property allows saving custom objects in RVF.


"Widow and orphan control" is implemented, see rvpaoWidowOrphanControl option of paragraphs.

TRVPageCountItemInfo now has NumberType property, like TRVPageNumberItemInfo,

Other changes

New TRichViewEdit event: OnDropFile. It's more easy to use then OnDropFiles, and occurs not only on drag&drop, but also on pasting.

New TRichView event: OnCMHintShow allows displaying custom hints.

Text flow options (ClearLeft and ClearRight) are shown as vertical lines around paragraph/line-break marks, if rvoShowSpecialCharacters is included in TRichView.Options. Text flow options can be exported to DocX.

New method TRVStyleTemplateCollection.InsertFromRVST, it allows applying styles from a file to existing documents.

Packages are separated into runtime and designtime packages.

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