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About possible Windows SmartScreen warning: please read information on the support forum

The files below are trial versions. They do not contain source code, and they display a registration reminder.

If you are a registered TRichView/​ScaleRichView/​ReportWorkshop or RVMedia user and if you want to update your version, please do not download files from this page.

Information and links to the latest versions for registered users are available in the protected section of the technical support forum.

If you are a registered TRichView user, you can find trial versions of ScaleRichView and Report Workshop working with the full version of TRichView there.

Updates for registered users are uploaded more often than files on this page.

TRichView v20.3, ScaleRichView v11.3, Report Workshop v4.1

VCL/FireMonkey/LCL components for editing complex rich text documents and making reports

The setups of VCL version include:

  • TRichView v20.3 (trial)
  • RichViewActions v10.2.2 (full source code)
  • ScaleRichView v11.3 (trial)
  • SRVControls (full source code)
  • Report Workshop v4.1 (trial)
  • RichViewXML v1.30 (full source code)
  • RvHtmlImporter v0.0071 (full source code)
  • the components for integration with
    • ReportBuilder,
    • QuickReport,
    • Developer Express VCL,
    • THTMLViewer,
    • VirtualTree,
    • parsers for spelling checkers (Addict, ASpell, HunSpell, ExpressSpellChecker, Polar SpellChecker),
    • Indy and CleverComponents downloaders for RichViewActions,
    • data providers for reports
    (full source code; installed only if the corresponding third-party components are already installed)

The setups of FireMonkey version include:

You must agree to the license before you may download, install, or use this product.

Last updated: July 1, 2022

Read the install/uninstall instructions.

Other Files

RVMedia v9.1

VCL/FireMonkey/LCL components working with USB and IP-cameras, displaying video streams, organizing video chats, recording audio and video files

You must agree to the license before you may download, install, or use this product.

Last updated: June 20, 2022

Read the install/uninstall instructions and the privacy statement.

Other Files