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ScaleRichView 5.0

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ScaleRichView 5.0 is released.

Related versions:
TRichView 14.0
RichViewActions 4.0

Trial versions are available here:

Main new features
(since ScaleRichView 4.3.4)

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3

Delphi and C++Builder XE3 are supported (32-bit and 64-bit VCL)


In addition to changes explained in the announcement for TRichView 14 and RichViewActions 4, ScaleRichView provides the following features.

All TSRichViewEdit sub-editors (the main document, header and footers) use the same collection of styles (footnotes/endnotes too, but they use TRVStyle of the main document, so it appeared automatically)

TrvActionNew applies default styles to a header and a footer of TSRichViewEdit too. If available, "header" and "footer" styles are used.

TrvActionInsertFootnote, TrvActionInsertEndnote format the inserted notes and their text according to styles (if available): "footnote reference", "footnote text", "endnote reference", "endnote text".


All RichViewActions now can be linked (at design time) not only to TRichViewEdit/TDBRichViewEdit, but also to ScaleRichView controls: TSRichViewEdit and TDBSRichViewEdit.
The same is for components that can be linked to editors (font and style combo boxes)

Some code that was required in the initialization and a TRVAControlPanel event is not needed since this version.

Zooming panel

A special zooming panel may be displayed in the bottom right corner. It contains (-)-slider-(+) controls, and an area displaying the current zooming per cent. This area can work a a button displaying a menu.

Page columns

Previously, all pages are displayed below each other, in one column (except for a free page positioning mode, where the page positioning was defined by the programmer).
Now, the editor can display pages in multiple columns.
This feature can be turned off or limited by specified the maximal column count.

Previously, undo/redo worked independently in the main document, a header and a footer. Since this version, when the header/footer editing is finished, it can be undone in the main editor (as a single operation).


The complete list of changes since version 4.0:

Previous version:

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