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TRichView in GetIt

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In RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo you can install TRichView trial version using GetIt.
Run RAD Studio, choose menu "Tools | GetIt Package Manager", type "TRichView" in the search box, click "Install" and follow instructions.
This trial includes TRichView, ScaleRichView, and Report Workshop.

Still, when you have a choice, I recommend using our installer from

There are the following reasons:

1) GetIt version cannot be installed in C++Builder without Delphi personality.
The both versions of our setups (Delphi packages and C++ packages) can be used in C++Builder.

2) GetIt installer installs only the main packages: TRichView, RichViewActions, ScaleRichView, SRVControls, Report Workshop, HunSpell parser, Indy downloader, FireDAC, dbExpress, ADO/dbGo data providers for Report Workshop, equation item, RvHtmlImporter, RichViewXML.
Our setups install not only these packages, but also optional packages requiring third-party components and components included in Delphi optionally: Report Builder objects, data editors for DevExpress components, parsers for ExpressSpellChecker, ASpell, Addict, CleverComponents downloader, RvHtmlViewImporter, much more data providers for Report Workshop. In GetIt version, you can install these optional packages manually.

3) Our installer removes paths to older versions of our components, so the installed components work correctly even if there is another version in different directories. When installing GetIt version, you must be sure that no older version can be found by RAD Studio.

However, GetIt installer is very convenient, so it can be used if you just want to try our components quickly.
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