[Demo] Send email using Microsoft Outlook COM object

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[Demo] Send email using Microsoft Outlook COM object

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We already have demo projects showing how to create an independent email client for sending HTML emails created in TRichViewEdit: This demo is different: it sends emails using Microsoft Outlook, accessed as OLE/COM object.
Messages are composed in a TRichView editor, and are sent using Outlook.

To use this demo, Outlook object must be imported in Delphi.
To do it, open the menu "Component | Import Component", choose "Import a Type Library", select "Microsoft Outlook 16.0 Object Library", and install it into some package.

The demo is:
(94.44 KiB) Downloaded 1407 times
It allows:
- sending email (to place it in Outbox)
- saving email (in Drafts)
- printing email using Outlook.
OutlookSendEmail.png (15.44 KiB) Viewed 39235 times
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This demo was created in Delphi 11 (but should work in Delphi XE7 and newer)
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