RVA_SwitchLanguage procedure

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RVA_SwitchLanguage procedure

Changes the current language.

procedure RVA_SwitchLanguage(const LanguageName: TRVALanguageName;

  ControlPanel: TComponent=nil);

If ControlPanel is a TRVAControlPanel component, the function uses it. Otherwise, it uses MainRVAControlPanel.

Assigning a new value to ControlPanel.Language has the same effect.

To get a list of valid languages, use RVA_EnumLanguages or RVA_FillLanguageList.

You can use either English or native language name as a parameter.

To complete a language changing, the following procedures must be called after RVA_SwitchLanguage:

RVA_LocalizeForm for localization of Captions and Hints of all actions on the given form/datamodule;

RVALocalizeRuler for localizations of hints in TRVRuler component;


RVA_GetCharset for changing Charsets of menus, hints and your forms;

RVA_GetS for localizing standard menu items in your menu (such as "File", "Edit"...).

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