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rvruler TRVRuler

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TRVRuler is a ruler that works with TRichViewEdit component.

Unit RVRuler;

TRVRuler = class(TRuler)



This component has many properties customizing its appearance and behavior. In this manual, we describe only the most important of them.

To associate the ruler with the editor, assign TRichViewEdit or TDBRichViewEdit control to RichViewEdit property. The ruler can change the following parts in the editor:

LeftMargin and RightMargin;

indents of paragraphs;

levels of paragraph lists;

widths of table columns;

tab stops in paragraphs (see TRVRulerItemSelector component).

If rvoClientTextWidth is not included in RichViewEdit.Options, the ruler assigns RichViewEdit.MinTextWidth and MaxTextWidth according to its PageWidth property.

To set the ruler margins and page sizes according to RichViewEdit settings, call UpdateRulerMargins. If you use RichViewActions, it's enough to call it in TRVAControlPanel.OnMarginsChanged event.

To change the ruler's hints according to TRVAControlPanel.Language, call RVALocalizeRuler.


Thanks to Pieter Zijlstra, who created the fist version of TRVRuler.

Thanks to Rivarez, who implemented skin modes for the rulers.