export TrvActionExport

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export TrvActionExport

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TrvActionExport is the action for "File | Export..." command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionExport = class(TrvActionCustomFileIO)



This action displays a file saving dialog and saves the content of TRichViewEdit component in the chosen file.

In addition to formats supported by TrvActionSaveAs action, this action supports:

simplified HTML (without CSS)

formats supported by Microsoft Office file export converters.

After the execution, this TCustomRichViewEdit component is still associated with the file name and format assigned by the last execution of TrvActionNew, TrvActionOpen or TrvActionSaveAs action. TrvActionExport does not change this association.

This action performs the following tasks:

1.Shows a file saving dialog allowing the user to choose the file name and format for exporting.

2.If the user chose a file, calls ExportToFile method. The file format is determined not by the file extension but by the filter index chosen in the file saving dialog.