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Saves Edit in the specified file in the specified format.

function ExportToFile(Edit: TCustomRichViewEdit;

  const FileName: TRVUnicodeString

  ExportFormat: TrvFileExportFilter;

  ConverterOrCustomIndex: Integer; 

  rvc: TRVOfficeConverter): Boolean;


Edit – editor for saving.

FileName – file name for saving.

FileFormat – file format for saving.

CustomFilterIndex used only if FileFormat is ffeCustom or ffeOfficeConverters.

If FileFormat = ffeCustom, CustomFilterIndex identifies a custom file format. Custom formats are numbered from 1 in the order they are listed in the CustomFilter property.

If FileFormat = ffeOfficeConverters, CustomFilterIndex identifies a format supported by Microsoft Office file export converters. Formats are numbered from 0. A list of these formats and their order are different on different computers. This is the index in rvc.ExportConverters collection.

If saving is unsuccessful, an error message is displayed.

Return value:

True if the saving was successful.