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Allows displaying your own hypertext dialog.


  TRVHyperlinkFormEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; InsertNew: Boolean;

    var Text, Target: TRVUnicodeStringvar Proceed: Boolean) of object;


property OnHyperlinkForm: TRVHyperlinkFormEvent;

Use this event if you want to replace the default dialog used in this action.

Input parameters:

If InsertNew=True, this event is called for inserting a new hyperlink.

Text – the selected text, valid only if InsertNew=False.

Target – hypertext target of selected text, use only if InsertNew=False. It is not empty only in case when the selection contains only hyperlinks with equal targets.

Proceed = True.

Output parameters:

Text – text for new hyperlink, used only if InsertNew=True.

Target – hyperlink target. You can return empty string only if InsertNew=False (to remove hyperlinks from the selection)

Proceed must be True if the user pressed "OK", and False if the user pressed "Cancel".