insertnumber TrvActionInsertNumber


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insertnumber TrvActionInsertNumber


TrvActionInsertNumber is the action for "Insert Number..." command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionInsertNumber = class(TrvActionInsertNumSequence)



This action displays a dialog window allowing to enter properties of an item to insert.

The following properties are supported:

sequence name (identifier);

numbering type (decimal, lower Roman, etc.);

continue numbering / start from the specified value.

If UseDefaults=True, the dialog is initialized with a sequence name 'Numbering' (localized string) and a decimal numbering type.

When the user clicks the "Insert" button, a "numbered sequence" item is inserted in the caret position, UseDefaults is reset to False, and chosen values are stored in SeqName and NumberType properties (they are used to initialize a dialog when it will be displayed for the next time).