TrvActionInsertTable.CellHPadding, CellVPadding, CellPadding

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TrvActionInsertTable.CellHPadding, CellVPadding, CellPadding

The properties define spacing between border and content in cells.

property CellHPadding: TRVStyleLength;

property CellVPadding: TRVStyleLength;

property CellPadding: TRVStyleLength;

These values are measured in GetControlPanel.UnitsProgram.

CellHPadding defines a horizontal spacing, CellVPadding defines a vertical spacing.

These properties are assigned to the table properties of the same names (converted to Units of the target editor).

CellPadding is used to simplify access to these properties. Assigning value to CellPadding assigns it to CellHPadding and CellVPadding. CellPadding returns (CellHPadding+CellVPadding)/2.

Default value:


This default value assumes that these properties are measured in pixels. For twips, this value may be too small.