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table TrvActionInsertTable

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TrvActionInsertTable is the action for "Table | Insert Table" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionInsertTable = class(TrvAction)



The action can insert a table in two ways:

using a table dialog (when executed)

using a special table size window (when ShowTableSizeDialog is called).

In the table dialog, the user can specify a count of rows and columns and table width modes:

autosize (table.BestWidth=0; widths of table cells are specified in pixels (or twips) so that the table has width not exceeding the current document width)

fit window (table.BestWidth=-100 (i.e. 100%); widths of table cells are not specified)

custom size (table.BestWidth is defined in the dialog, in pixels (or twips) or percent; widths of table cells are not specified)

When inserting using a table size window, table.BestWidth is specified in BestWidth. If it is zero, cells widths are defined like in "autosize" mode.

If the user checked "remember dimensions for new tables" in the dialog, RowCount, ColCount and BestWidth properties are set to the values entered in the dialog.

Before the insertion:

the properties of this action are assigned to the table properties of the same names;

RowsKeepTogether and RowsVAlign are assigned to properties of all rows of the table,

OnInserting event occurs.

The user can assign properties of this action by checking "Default" check box in the table properties dialog displayed by TrvActionTableProperties or TrvActionItemProperties.