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properties TrvActionItemProperties

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TrvActionItemProperties is the action for "Object Properties" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionItemProperties = class(TrvAction)



This action displays a dialog for changing properties of items of the following types:

pictures and "hot-pictures"

"breaks" (horizontal lines)


sidenotes and text box items

numbered sequences

page numbers and page counts

other (using OnCustomItemPropertiesDialog event)

The user can check "Default" check box in this dialog to assign properties of new tables and horizontal lines.

If rvoAssignImageFileNames is included in the Options property of the target editor, path to the graphic file is stored in the document:

in the rvespImageFileName item property (see the TRichView help file, TRVExtraItemStrProperty type) for tables, pictures and "hot-pictures";

in BackgroundImageFileName cell property for table cells.

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